About LoLCure

In short: What is LoLCure all about?

LoLCure wants to call attention to the flame, rage and hate that we sometimes, with a tendency to more often, notice and that encounters us every day in a great game named League of Legends in order to -cure the community- (decrease the flame, rage and hate)!
You decide whether to honor other summoners and give positive feedback or constructive feedback to help them improve their playstyle and ingame behavior!
This will result in a score we named "LoLCure Score", which is private to any of you having a registered account.
To make things clear: We want to improve the community experience, for that we want constructive criticism you summoners provide to each other.

Flame, rage, hate, racism and homophobia are the enemies of LoLCure and we won´t tolerate them on our platform.
In fact we want to fight things like that!

What was the motivation to make LoLCure?

Ever got trolled?
Lost your game because of a leaver?
Were you offended or insulted during the game in chat? Maybe already in champion selection?
Did you ever read racist insults or homophobic comments in chat?

Did you “feel” the rage of other players?

A community platform to give and get feedback

We at LoLCure think you did experience some of the scenarios written above. Most of us did.
Of course you can get mad and angry. And yes... maybe it is the fault of another teammate.
But we all have to admit: if we hop on the flame-train, we don´t concentrate on the game and will likely lose. One, two or even more games.

Why do we play? Because of fun? - Yes. Is flaming and raging fun? - No.
Why upset other people?


Let´s stay positive. Many famous and successful streamers or members of high skilled teams (there are plenty worldwide) are telling it:
Stay positive. Don´t flame. If you are “on tilt”, take a break.

They win, because they focus on the game. Communication is an important part of the game, use it to your advantage.

What is the "honor/feedback" - thing all about?

Honor players who had a positive impact on your game. It is as simple as that. If they ruined your game in your opinion just don't honor, but give constructive feedback.
We evaluate this data and summoners may at any time analyse their received feedback in private on LoLCure.

How strong is your positive impact on other players? We want to know!


We have got a ladder (highscore) in which the “best” of you are listed. The displayed data has nothing to do with the feedback you got.
What we display in our highscore is how accurate you gave your feedback in comparison to all other LoLCure participants. Check out our LoLCure-Ladder.

We at LoLCure haven´t lost faith in the LoL-Community (worldwide). Unite and beat evil!