FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we want to give answers to questions directed at LoLCure.

1. "What is LoLCure?"

First of all: LoLCure is a platform for you guys playing League of Legends.
You may search for other summoners you encountered or played with and give constructive feedback on their "plays" and ingame behavior.
If you liked how a teammate or enemy foe played don´t hesitate to give him/her appropriate feedback with our tool!
And even if you didn't like how he/she played, you can give constructive feedback to help him/her to improve on the Fields of Justice.

2. "What happens if I honor and/or give feedback to a summoner?

Your feedback data will be evaluated. We calculate our own score, named "LoLCure-Score". However this score is only visible to the summoner you gave this feedback.

3. "How may I see the feedback given to me?"

You need a registered LoLCure account and must be logged in. Go to your profile by clicking on your name next to the logout button.
Scroll down and get worshipped!

4. "What score is displayed at the highscore page?"

This score displays how accurate your provided feedback was in comparison to all other LoLCure participants.
If your feedback highly differs from the feedback others gave, you'll gain less experience points for that.

Avoid to give bad feedback on purpose in order to harm other summoners.

5. "May I give feedback to any summoner in League of Legends?"

No. You may only give feedback to players in your region and if you recently played with them.
You can give feedback to all summoners you played with within your last 5 games and to all participants you're playing with in a live-match.

6. "Nobody gives feedback to me, what can I do?"

LoLCure is right at the beginning. You can help making LoLCure more popular, if you ask other summoners after a game to give you feedback at www.lolcure.net.
For the future we have plans to reward you for that, like RP-Giveaways and stuff like that.

More questions? Contact us!